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Missouri’s Best Classic Car Insurance

A car as distinctive as yours deserves a special auto policy.

Insurance with Amy’s Classic Car Insurance by Hagerty program allows you to drive your collector car, vintage automobile, or antique car with peace of mind knowing it is protected.

We even offer plans with no fixed mileage limits, meaning you can enjoy your Sunday rides and not worry about the odometer.

To qualify for the classic car insurance program, you’ll need to prove your collector car is housed in a garage and is not your daily driver.

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Amy’s Classic Car Insurance Coverage

You’ve invested a lot for your piece of automotive history, you deserve to enjoy it, and to protect it well at an affordable rate.

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Flexible Usage Classic Car Coverage

Our Classic Car insurance policies provide you with flexible usage restrictions to allow you to best enjoy and protect your collector car.

Lower Classic Car Insurance Premiums

Our premiums are the lowest available - around 34% lower on average.

Guaranteed Classic Car Value Policies

Our classic car insurance programs guarantee the agreed upon value of your car in case of an accident or total loss. No depreciation. No hassles.


At Insurance with Amy we know just how valuable your classic car is to you, and understand it’s more than a car. It’s an investment. It’s your pride and joy. We help you protect it that way.

Keeping it Classy!  Keeping it Protected with Amy!

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Getting a special quote made easy for your special car!

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